[fanfic] Endings


Character: Nasch, Kamishiro Ryouga||Written For: Zexal Shark Week
Notes: Takes place in a hypothetical, hopeful immediately post-defeat of Don Thousand moment||Word Count: 2,215
Summary: It’s all over. Now it’s time to wrap everything up and take the first step on the path to the future.


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[fanfic] Wish Upon A Star


Characters: Nasch & Iris, a little Nasch & Durbe||Written For: Zexal Shark Week
Notes: Set during the war against Vector||Word Count: 2,015
Summary: Nasch can’t sleep. Then, he hears the sound of sobs.


I thought about writing an AU for the Wildcard/AU prompt, but all my AUs kept going chaptered in my head, so I used this idea, sparked by Imagine Zexal.

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Title: Trick and treat~
Pairing: Sharkbaitshipping
Rated: T
Summary: Yuma is sort of afraid of the cold, and Ryoga is trying to get a laugh out of it. Yeah, it’s definitely not what it sounds like tho. No, it’s not, I promise, it’s fluffy, dorky, zexal homos at their finest. It’s a drabble, so forgive meh for mistakes. 

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Destiny to kill

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Hello, Zexal fans!

Both ivgasm and myself (kaz-mania) would very much like to thank everyone for making Zexal Shark Week very awesome! You guys had some great stuff to contribute to celebrate Ryouga Kamishiro/ Nasch, and we can tell you guys had so much fun with these. This wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. If you guys still wish to continue to contribute to the prompts we had for the week (whether new or making up for missing days), it’s still very much welcomed. Just visit our guidelines for the prompts. Or of anything else of our favorite Shark in general. Hahaha! Anyway, we hope you guys enjoyed this week and are excited for episode 136: Nasch VS Vector next Sunday! :D


Seven Days of Shark’s Sucky Life (7/7)

=> 神代兄妹



 Ryouga-Nasch + TV Tropes

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shark('s life fucking sucks) week 
[january 5th; au]

Post-Apocalyptic Alternate Universe where Kamishiro Rio is the story’s protagonist.

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shark('s life fucking sucks) week 
[january 4th; ending]

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